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30 day Glee challange: All in one day/post! 

First of all: None of the gifs belong to me. Credit is where credit is due.
Secondly: If you make it through the entire thing, I do applaude you. 


Day 01- Your favorite female character
I think I might actually have to go with Coach Sylvester. She’s the most hilarious character on the show, and since Glee is a comedy, I couldn’t imagine Glee without her at all.

Day 02- Your favorite male character
"It’s your boy; Artie!", of course. He’s a nerdy kid like me (just ask me anything about Star Trek: The Next Generation), he tries his best to generally just be nice to people, and when he screws up, he’s not the least afraid to admit his mistakes, even when he’s not the one who should be apologizing in the first place *cough* Brittany cheated on him *cough*. Artie’s just dope, ok.

Day 03- Your favorite group performance

Hard question is hard, but I think Imma have to go with”Jump”. It was nowhere near my favourite performance vocally, but visually, it’s perfection in it’s most perfect form. Vocally, I think I’ll go with “Lean on me”. Yes, I know “obvious Artie stan is being obvious”, but I adore his voice, ok? Also, Mercedes voice goes really well with Artie’s, I think. Yes, this whole posts is probably gonna be very Artie heavy, if you haven’t noticed that yet.

Day 04- Your favorite solo

"Dream a little dream of me" - Artie (Dream On). It’s one of the very few songs no-one sings but Artie, and it’s just sweet, cute, adorable and emotional all over. Also, Kevin McHale’s acting during this scene deserves so much praise, even though he doesn’t even have any dialogue.

Day 05- Your favorite duet

Tie between “One Love” - Artie and Puck (Never Been Kissed) and “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” - Rachel and Quinn (Born This Way). They’re both songs I simply can’t stop listening to, but I don’t think it has that much to do with the actual songs, but much more with the amazing singers. I think these two songs are two of the best vocal performances in the entire show.

Day 06- Your favorite Rachel/Finn moment

This one’s hard, because I’m not really a fan of the whole Finchel thing, Actually, I’m gonna go with “With You I’m Born Again”. They co-operated, listened to each other, everything didn’t revolve around the two of them, and they were hilarious. This is Finchel at their best, for me.

Day 07- Your favorite Tina/Artie moment

Do I really have to choose? I really like Tartie, ok?.. Alright, I think if I must decide, it’ll have to be Artie apologizing to Tina in “The Power of Madonna”. That whole episode developed them as a couple very good, I’d say. I mean, how he said something stupid, which he later regretted, she called him out for it, he apologized and she accepted his apology. This is a healthy and realistic relationship, RIB. Take notes.

Day 08- Your favorite Quinn/Puck moment

"We’re baking!" The baking/food fight in "Wheels" is just adorable and a nice uplifting scene from some of the heavier stuff going on in this episode. Also, I think it portrayed the whole Quick relationship very well. They have fun together and all, but that’s about as deep as it goes. I apologize, Quick shippers, but that’s how I currently stand on Quick. 

Day 09- Your favorite Kurt/Mercedes moment

Kurt putting on a fabulous hat and joining Mercedes at church. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a devoted Atheist (if you can even be that?), and it was wrong of them to push religion and spirituality on Kurt, especially when he made it very clear he didn’t want them to do so. However, how Kurt simply accepted and respected Mercedes religious beliefs by going to church with her was a true act of friendship, I’d say. It showed that no matter how big your differences are, you can still be friends, and I like that thought very much.

Day 10- Your favorite Will/Emma moment

I have a creeping suspicion it’s going to be something from “Asian F”, if I trust the spoilers, but otherwise, I think I’ll go with Will putting gloves on and helping Emma clean her grapes, telling her he’ll be there to support her with her OCD for as long as it takes her to get better. That was really sweet of him.

Day 11- Your favorite Sue Sylvester moment

I think I can honestly say I love pretty much every single Sue moment in the entire series, but the hairjokes are probably the high-points. I can’t think of a single hair-related joke I haven’t laughed at, really.

Day 12- A scene/moment that pissed you off

Rachel duct taping her mouth shut in “Special Education”. No, Rachel, you’re not underappreciated at all. Actually, you’re one of the only members in the Glee Club who constantly gets praised for their amazing voice and unlimited talent. Sure, everyone gets applause, but she’s one of the few who get’s “you’re amazing/irreplaceable/God’s freakin’ gift to humanity” (yes, that was a reference to LOST. Yes, I’m a major Lostie. Now you know that too). To sum it up: you had no business doing that, Rachel. That was just plain douchey.

Day 13- A scene/moment that made you cry

The entire “Grilled Cheesus” episode the first time I watched it, especially “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. I don’t think it necessarily was because it was the most touching Glee moment of them all (sure, it’s easily in the top 3), but more because it was 2 a.m, I had been studying night and day for two whole days, it was hours before my first univeristy exam (and on English grammar, of all things), and I was just looking for a little laughter and something to make me feel like I wasn’t just about to have a nervous breakdown. Well, I was given “Grilled Cheesus”. ‘Nuf said.

Day 14- A scene/moment that made you happy

"This one’s for you, Artie!". The whole "Proud Mary" number, actually. It’s just fun, awesome and really interesting to watch, and I love how it’s an homage to Artie. It’s true what he said earlier in the episode, that they just don’t understand, but perhaps now they’ll at least have a little insight to his charatcer, right?

Day 15- The couple you ship the MOST

I’m not really in it for the shipping, and I’m not exactly and active shipper, so to say, but I loves me some Artie ships, mainly because I love anything and everything that’s got Artie in it, the more dramatic and/or funny, the better. With that said, I think it’ll have to be a draw between Tartie and Quartie. (TinaxArtie, QuinnxArtie).

Day 16- Your favorite episode

Was gonna go all mainstream Artie stan on you guys and say “Wheels”, but only from a dramatic standpoint, but if I only have the comedic aspect in mind, it’s definitely “Blame it on the Alcohol”. Always has me literally loling.

Day 17- Your least favorite episode

I don’t really care for “Showmance” that much. I’m even having a little trouble remembering what it’s about. Knowing the front 13, probably Finchel? Anyways, it’s got a scene where we see the Celibacy Club in meeting, grinding against each other with balloons in between them. Personal crap just became personal, but I’m scared to death of balloons, so that scene literally had me hyperventilating, reaching for the remote as fast as I could to turn the sound off and look away ‘til the scene was over.

Day 18- Your least favorite character

I think I like every character in their own way. I mean, not everyone can be as nice as Mike Chang all the time, not everyone can be as pretty as Quinn, and not everyone can be as over all awesome as Artie, right? However, the one I’m most frequently yelling at through the screen is without a doubt Rachel. She’s always meddling in everyone’s business, never understood the meaning of “I have a girlfriend” and as much as she likes to play the victim, she rarely is. 

Day 19- Your least favorite performance

Well, there are quite the bunch of snooze fest worthy songs from Rachel… I think I’ll go with “What I did for love”. Not only was it a boring performance, but also a boring song, and quite inappropriate too, actually. Don’t say you sent Sunshine to a crack house out of love for your friends, when we all know you did it because her voice is diamonds dipped in pure gold.

Day 20- Your favorite quote

It’s way to hard to pick just one, but among my favourites are “I’m a total jew for Jesus. He’s my number one Heb’.”, “Oh, I wouldn’t dare lean on you, Will. There’s so much grease in your hair, I’d probably slide right off.”and “Yaaay, smiley face!… Valiant effort. You get an A+! That’s how I roll… I don’t even know who you are!”

Day 21- Your favorite guest-star

I actually really like whomever plays Sandy Ryerson. The Pink Dagger is not only an awesome name for a villain, but also a hilarious one, on top of that. “You just got poked, poked by the dagger!”

Day 22- Your least favorite guest-star

Carol Burnett/Doris Sylvester. She just didn’t do anything for me, sadly.

Day 23- The character you most relate to

I think I’ll say Sam, actually. He’s a total sci-fi nerd, just like me, very self-concious about his looks and much more than meets the eye. Just because I’m a mildly attractive woman, people seem to think I’m not able to kick ass at Tekken, which I most certainly am, just like people can seem very surprised when Sam starts nerding over Avatar or whatever, just because he’s a physically attractive jock.

Day 24- The character you would like to hear/see more of

I know Tina is the most underappreciated cast member, and since I love her, I should say Tina, but I’m gonna have to go with Artie. As much as I love Tina, Artie is way more interesting, and I’m always excited even for just seeing Artie on the screen, not even saying anything. This is why I’ll have to say Artie, because I’m constantly looking around for him in every scene.

Day 25- Something that happened you wish hadn’t

Artie’s “God, Brittany. Why are you so stupid?” Not because Artie has to be nice and perfect all the time: no-one is. Not because he wasn’t right: he was. No, because it made the entire fandom, except for us rare Artie stans hate his guts. As much as I’m for that whole Do your own thing/Sing your own kind of music/Go your own way thing, it’s much easier when you don’t get “OMG! How can you like that douche after what he did to Brittany?!” everywhere you go.

Day 26- Something that hadn’t happened but you wish had

Tartie friendship in season 2. I’d like for Artie and Tina to explore the whole “first we were like best friends, then we were boyfriend/girlfriend, and now we’re trying to go back to being friends, if that’s possible”. I have experienced this myself, and I’d love for more friendship storylines to be featured on Glee. Honestly, I’m often far more interested in who’s friends with who, not who’s dating who.

Day 27- Your idea for a future Glee episode

Either an “opposite episode”, where Tina’s the most outgoing girl in school, Puck is bullied, Brittany’s got a scholarship to Harvard, and so on, or a really emotionally heavy episode like “Grilled Cheesus”, but possibly even more dramatic. Hell, maybe they could do an over the top dramatic episode, people dying in each other’s arms and all of that goodness, only for it to turn out to be one of the Glee kid’s nightmare or something. Yes, I’m a sucker for drama.

Day 28- Your idea for a future Glee character

A character that doesn’t have English as his/her first language, opening up for a possible performance where this character tries to teach the Glee kids to sing a song in his/her language. As a huge language nerd (and someone with a different native tounge than English), I personally think it’d be positively hilarious. Who wouldn’t want to hear Puck try to speak German, right?

Day 29- Your idea for a future Glee performance

Besides the whole foreign language thing I just mentioned, I’d love more creative and fun performances, like “Jump”. Perhaps they could go to a holiday resort with swimming pools and do some syncronized swimming or something?

Day 30- Whatever tickles your fancy

I’m not very ticklish, so here are some awesome Artie gifs.

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